Shout by ChildOfMan

I, Tonya 2017

I've attempted to write a review of this film 3 times, but each time I was too afraid I wasn't being original enough, or I wasn't saying anything new. That's when I realized the essential message of this film is there is an assumption on our societal figures, and our role models to be perfect, and they often crush under the pressure while we laugh. I don't really know what to say but what I can tell you is Margot Robbie's performance, and Tonya's triple axel says it all, you don't really need to fit into the norms to do something great, which is exactly what this film does. It creates a unique sense of an "I don't give a flying fuck about your sensibilities" style, while balancing unique and dark humour, with emotion for a woman who tried to send death threats to her friend. This is simply put, the Triple Axel of 2017 films.

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