I really liked Cress Williams, his deep voice and that he is very Idris-Elba-like. The setting as far as introduced seemed a bit uninspired. On the one hand it's good that a tv series incorporates social issues of POCs, but on the other hand it seems like the tv makers think "it's a black tv series, so it has to have black themes". I don't see Arrow or Flash dealing with such things, specially not in their pilot.
But this pilot was not bad. The themes as uninspired as they were, were very well executed. If they find their own spin on the whole thing it could get very good.
And, to repeat my self, I really liked Cress Williams acting. He is grumpy, but has room for witty comments.
Black Lightning could become the perfect series to replace Arrow as a serious CW superhero show. Because Arrow has jumped the shark a long time ago.

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