"Depressurize the shuttle bay"? What happened to the atmospheric containment field they usually have across the shuttle bay door?

Tahj (oh hey, Tahj Mowry did something besides Sister, Sister and Smart Guy) and the First Prelate actually use the word "children", so there goes the assumption excuse for Tuvok thinking they're really young kids.

Much as I appreciate having "a Tuvok episode", this isn't a great episode outside of that. I refuse to believe that none of the "children" let slip a single hint to their true age at any point.

Alcia comes around a bit too easily. She goes from incensed to friendly in practically the blink of an eye. Her line saying that "their aging process is reversed" was a nice touch in a "look who's talking" kind of way, but the three kids were more developed than her character.

The concept of beings who are born "old" and "age" in reverse has been around at least since F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button",published in 1922. Unfortunately, there's no particularly good way to square that idea with the physical realities of birth, and this episode makes the reality bit even more difficult with the Drayans' assertion of a "powerful instinct" to return to the moon when they reach the end of their life. If they evolved on the planet, how would they reach this "source of all life" in the days before their culture developed space travel? It would be an odd instinct indeed if it compelled them to do something that was actually impossible. (Plenty of animal instincts compel various species to do difficult tasks, as with salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Doing the flat-out impossible isn't really instinct territory, though.)

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