Shout by Alan Stingeyal Pigott

Tomb Raider 2018

Take every standard cliché from all adventure stories (the Indiana Jones trilogy specifically) make any supposedly tense scene's score super loud. Remake a 90's movie & do it just like a 90's movie add a horrible & pointless cgi watersprayed waterfall/crashed old airplane /parachute drop 'action' scene and you have this dullard: 'Tomb raider'

A few annoyances: now I've left the cinema: everything before she goes looking for daddy is a scene to foreshadow, and it feels like it.. Should have had a narrator just tell us her attributes.. Coz... Yawn.

She takes a bow an arrow and simply swished around the work camp,where gun men are constantly watching the slaved workers for any laziness, but only the ship captain friend (who happens to be relaxing at the watercooler part of the slave quarry) she made a day ago sees her!

Walton is a good villan, a change from his 'vice principals' role.

If you're stoned and wanna write an action adventure mystery this is what you and your mates would come up with.

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