Shout by Leonardo Dmasceno Eller

Arrival 2016

My rewiew about “Arrival”
Well, in the beginning I was deeply interested in this movie because I like linguistic thematics and clever sci-fy deeds, and, in my lonely opinion, it holds these two topics in a very bright manner. Nevertheless, the movie in itself didn’t impressed me, the development of the alien code didn’t received its real emphasis to me, and I was saddly expecting it, and the movie fell in some dumb platitudes such as that last conversation between the protagonist and the major Chinese general, I have my objections to simple-minded and careless sentences such as “let’s just preserve the global peace” because it didn’t fit in our contemporary reality. Although, it’s necessary to say that the movie’s initial ideia was just fantastic, and that its insight to put an reading-future hability in the alien code was breathless as well.
Moreover, I just enjoyed that guardian’s rewiew about this movie, and the Arthur C Clark and Wittgenstein’s comantareis fited perfectly in this context, or don’t you agree that “there is just 2 possibilities in our world: We are alone in the universe or we are not, and both are, equally terrifieng”¿

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