Shout by Andrea Maderna

Tumble Leaf

Season 1

Visually, the stop motion is really, really cool. Even when the story is frankly a bit boring for me, I’m still amazed by the aesthetics and my daughter has fun anyway. The lessons are always clearly explained by the main character (many different variations of “Oh, I figured it out: I have to do this and that”), so it can be a bit dull for me, but it’s smart, full of interesting things, and it’s about kids playing outside, learning things by experimenting with stuff and getting their hands dirty. Which is a cool thing I hope my daughter will do more and more, even though she hates having her hands dirty.

So, again, it's only for kids, but it’s good. And there's two or three episodes near the end of the season that I really, really loved, not as a father, just as a spectator: Parachute Play is quite moving, I dare say, while Bedtime Story and A Treasure Hunt are visually and structurally really well made.

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