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Star Trek (canon)

Hey! Is this list in the order that I have to see? All produced tv shows are here?

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All the Trek series and movies that have been released are here, yes, ranked by production order.

@lu-zanlorenzi No, it is the order they came out in. This is the real life chronological order, not the in-series chronological order. This list is complete and utter rubbish.

Mostly posting for others who might come here, since it been almost a year since your question... Maybe some one else could use it :P

I don't know the exact order, but...
Star Trek Enterprise, which is the last series to come out, is in the series the first things to happen, even before the movies.
After that you should watch the first 6 movies.
Then series again, The Next Generation (You will meet the best captain ever, Jean-Luc Picard).
Now it gets a bit tricky. "Star Trek: Generations" should be somewhere during the first 4 seasons.
"Star Trek: First Contact" should be some where during season 7, probably more towards the end.
After this, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Star Trek Voyager" are roughly around the same time, but neither of them will spoil big things about the other, so nothing I can recall that places one obviously before or after the other :P
Then just the rest of the movies.

Now this might not be the perfect order, but it should be 95% correct.
Also I have never watched the animated shitsticks (I hate animated movies / series) so I wouldn't be able to place those anywhere except for the recycle bin xD

Hope it helps anyone :)

@lu-zanlorenzi Even though is not chrono sequence the production order should do you well... And everything is here.