Shout by Simon Massey

10 Cloverfield Lane 2016

It is a shame a connection to the film Cloverfield is suggested by the title, because whether or not such a connection exists (and that is best left for the audience to discover), it can't help but colour your initial viewing of the film. It is also completely unnecessary as what we have here is a claustrophobic film that has several shifts in tone throughout to keep the audience on its toes. Here the filmmakers are more interested in playing with the viewer's perceptions of the characters themselves, with Winstead as the audience surrogate throughout the film, and a strong performance from John Goodman ensures that although his character is never quite trusted, it is equally difficult to dismiss his explanations. The film doesn't outstay its welcome, but to say anything regarding the final act is unnecessary, suffice to say that Winstead's own reaction in the film may well echo sentiments from the audience, but more importantly, it also feels superfluous to what is a well-executed tense thriller.

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