It was cool that they brought back almost the entire cast that they could afford, hmm hmm not the most important Will Smith, I bet he missed this movie not because they could not afford him but because the script was horrible. The movie tries to take off 20 years later and earth is a different place, unfortunately all the starts they brought back are actually 20 years older, you barley recognize them there lines are as corner as the first one, and trying to keep with the time "Madam President" she is the worst of them all.

They go so hard to redo the seneca from the first movie, the old president gets wrapped up by the alien and the alien talks thru him, then they all shoot the alien. If you ask me this movie had a better chance if it came out like a year or two after the original with a better story line. The movie was SO bad I could not finish it the first time I saw it, then I gave it another chance and could not finish it the second time.

Do not waste you precious time on this movie its a COMPLETE FLOP, you better off watching "rocky 8"

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