Anyone who loves football can't help but love this show! This ridiculous team with the even more ridiculous players! This is one of my favorite comedy shows and I waited so long to watch this movie, the show brought back a lot of good memories from one ridiculous moment to the next!

Alan Ritchson as Thad was Epic And Darin Brooks as Alex Moran couldn't have been any better! It was great even seeing the old guys! I wish they brought more of Page Kennedy since I didn't see much of him!

I want to see this movie so badly after the show ended that I participated in the crowd source funding! You get caught with all the characters, and they picked up where they left off but the movie was missing some guts. It's a nice way to close the chapter on a hilarious tv show that ended too soon.

The Tv Show gets a 9/10 in my opinion but the movie gets a 7/10. There are a lot of hilarious parts, they did everything they could in this movie that they couldn't do on tv, but don't expect a lot of story. But its funny and Thad is here to the max and pretty much rotates around him and Alex Moran!


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