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Shout by abetancort
2016-07-05T01:11:26Z— updated 2016-09-10T11:58:52Z

“Like watching an Original Co-Directed and Co-Written Tarantino and the Coen brothers Script and Movie which has been well stirred and shook up, while Flying High on LSD”. This is My Very Best Effort describing how I feel after watching any episode of "Preacher".

I knew (and still know) nothing about the comic that inspires the TvSeries. And although I cannot follow (i.e. understand) every scene, I actually do enjoy every single one as they go from hilarious to oppressing and claustrophobic, passing through an extreme surrealism with a few drops of black humor as great as the Gaelic Single Malt from where they come. Moreover, to top it off, everything takes place in a village located in oblivion where nothing is supposed to happen ever.

There seems to be a reason behind everything, but it's beyond human comprehension, or at least mine. But as you already may know it's the trip what matters, not the destination, so enjoy the ride while it last... :-)

NOTE: Not Apt for Audiences Needing Pre-Digested, Repackaged TvShows (i.e. Walking Dead!)

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@abetancort Excellent review!

You have one typo: "I kew", at the beginning of your second paragraph. :)

@bluegoose thanks for HUD on the typo. :-)