Review by Jodie Whiteley

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders 2016

This is not like ur typical Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, or CSI vibe. It is much LESS INTENSE, not in a bad way, just in a much different way, which can take some getting used to. Initially, I did not really like the show, so I avoided watching it, until nothing else was on tv, then I binge watched basically the whole season at once, & it grew on me. I started to get what was different about it & began to form a bond w/the characters. Which by the way, I am happy to see much of the cast I have loved & missed from other shows.

This shows major difference from the norm of those I mentioned above, is that it tends to have a more positive & happy outcome, it is less gruesome & sad. It is meant to show u the more uplifting side of these stories, the ones where not everybody is a body & evidence, but people who r lucky to often be found alive & rescued.

Personally, I think maybe the fact that all the good crime dramas r going away, maybe the writers felt w/the current state of the world as of late, maybe ppl have enough drama & death by the end of their local news cast & they decided to try & give us the same crime dramas we love, but with a happy ending for a change. I hope it lasts another season, to give the characters a chance to grow & evolve a little more, to give us a chance to love them as much as the characters on the original Criminal Minds. I say, give it a chance, each episode I watched I felt was better then the last. the first few were rough for me to sit thru.

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