Review by Miles Kato

Two Days, One Night 2014

"Two Days, One Night" by the Dardenne brothers. These are the same filmmakers that made one of my favourite films of 2011: "The Kid with a Bike". Now, that one was much better than this one, but this one was also very well made. Marion Cotillard is a great actor and her character felt unique from her other roles.

In this film, she finds out she's getting laid off from work, unless she can convince her co-workers to keep her instead of a bonus. And hints the title, she only has the weekend to do so. Everything felt incredibly natural and I really liked the variety of reactions from her co-workers with each different interaction. It's a great concept and I thought it was delivered well, although there could have been some improvements. There were one or two points where the story had an opportunity to go a specific direction, and at either of those points, if it had gone one way and not the other, I probably would have like the movie a lot more. I mean, they can write their story however they want, but I personally would have found it to be a much better story otherwise. It was still really well done and it's something that I will be seeing again.

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