Review by Miles Kato

Love at First Fight 2014

To me, this movie was pretty much the definition of ehhhh. Like, it was alright, it was decent, but it wasn't really without its issues.

Now, this is the director's first feature length film and it's a pretty good one at that. Every once in a while, there was a pretty nicely set up shot and it was more or less well-directed, but I didn't feel as though it was very well-written. The characters seemed a little clichéd and underdeveloped, I found myself not giving a shit about their goals and not caring when they got hurt. Near the beginning, it seemed like that actors were just waiting for the other person to say their lines,but the acting did get better throughout the film.

The soundtrack was alright on its own, but not only is it pretty repetitive and simplistic, but I don't think it matched the tone of the film very well. Almost every time a song played, the feeling from the song was very different than the feeling of what we were being shown. There were a few times where I felt a little cheated by the action taking place offscreen. Like, when she bites off the bottle cap and later the guy climbs over a fence, except it seems like he just walked offscreen and shook the fence. Like, I get it, maybe you didn't have the budget to build a fence that could support his weight, but it did look sloppy nonetheless.

The movie hat its moments and it wasn't horrible, but I didn't really get all that much out of the experience. Despite putting a lot of focus on the negatives, it was overall a positive movie. Underwhelmingly positive, but positive nonetheless.

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