Review by ManiacB

ReLIFE 2016

Whilst this series does occasionally feel like a bit too much of a wish fulfilment fantasy (especially considering a lot of the target demographic will probably be around the age of our main character and may or may not have particularly good or rewarding jobs), I was surprised at how enjoyable and sincere it was, considering what is quite a silly premise if you think about it.

Animation is fairly standard and to be honest the music too for the most part (although it was cool having a different ED song every episode), but the characters were well fleshed out and fun to be around and for me this was where the series really stood out - the characters and the drama. It also delved a lot deeper into some of the psychological issues certain characters face a lot more than expected. Whilst it usually maintained a fairly light and comedic touch (with the occasional but not too frequent journey into teen melodrama), there were a few unexpectedly poignant and deep issues brought up, one in particular towards the end which I won't spoil.

Overall a very enjoyable series that was quite hard to put down. Not helped by the fact that, as others have said, every episode was released on the same day, which is quite interesting and not something we see often with anime. It will be interesting to see if this distribution method was a one-off or if there will be more series like this in the future.

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