What an odd series that turned out to be. I wondered how they could possibly fill 12 x 25 min episodes just based on the premise of one guy in class being ridiculously "cool", and it sems they did it by combining what you might expect (Sakamoto doing strange everyday tasks and making them look a lot more majestic) with other things like getting into some semi-serious plots with other characters involving bullying and planning revenge. I found the weird mix of tones a bit jarring and difficult to pin down exactly what the show was ultimately trying to be.

Ultimately I don't think I could personally recommend it. As a comedy I never found it particularly funny and when it tried to be serious it just didn't feel right.

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I'm also not amazed by the adaptation but the manga was fairly enjoyable. The generic music and character designs just didn't capture it the same way besides all comedic timing being different (striking poses and all).