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Midnight Special 2016

It maybe is due to the fact that I could be simply getting stupider every day that passes, but I simply don't get if The Movie is a joke and they want me to laugh with them or they simply are laughing at me.

Trying to pull off in 2016 a 1970's Class B style movie doesn't make sense, no matter how you look at it.

During the late 50's and 60's, the golden age of this genre, they were already known in the industry as Class B movies, and that wasn't because they were considered by any cinematography connoisseur of the time as just a bit worst than the so called ** Class A** movies. On the contrary, they called B Class because they only had two Classes the A and B, so everything than was not a ** Class A** meant that it was just junk, the equivalent of an F. But it was much more marketable to say a Class B than an F movie. And besides they served a purpose then, they were needed to fill the time between each ** Class A** movie premiere, as the industry was significantly smaller than nowadays. There was a need to have a cheap, easy and fast to produce product at the theaters everywhere that kids and teens could go to see during the morning and early afternoon during the weekends and that could serve as an excuse for dating couples to go to a dark place to "date with some privacy". On those days neither TV was as ubiquitous nor social etiquette for dating couples was as permissive as it's today.

If The Movie would have been done in the 1990's, it would have been one of be those low budget, low quality movies filmed (on analog video) to be shown directly and only on Broadcast TV (free to air) outside prime time to fill the dead hours in the rising hours of morning or early in the morning on weekends early in the morning before the sports or off-season.

IMHO there is absolutely nothing, other than missing the aroma of "concentrated bulls..t" , that would justify any appreciation for The Movie. The story in itself is dull, the script is worst than bad, the tempo, cadence and rhythm is as varied as the encephalography of the script writer... simply a flat straight line. The photography is dull, the acting is next to inexistent, they seem to have forgotten to hire an editor for The Movie, because if they had the final cut would have consisted in just: Entry Credits + Exit Credits.

The Movie have either been made by incompetents or by conscientious individuals laughing their guts out thinking about poor bastards that would paid a cent to see it.

TL;DR A poor imitation of a Class B movie, using the same cliches of the 1960's transposed to 2016 when we are systematically exploring the Solar System and beyond, it doesn't cut it; thus The Movie IMO deserves nothing less than F-, a zero, nils, nada.

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