Shout by Matthias Radakovits

High-Rise 2015

Whatever it was the writers were smoking, it had to be awesome.
High-Rise is basically just a huge mind fuck with a lot of beautiful shots and a story that's been told in a way that's really not easy to get. So you have to pay close attention to everything and let the mind fuck get the better of you.
I think the best way to describe it in detail is not to describe it at all.
Obviously this is an artsy, drug-induced reflection of today's society and all the gaps there are within, as well as a, on first glance, weird social experiment. But everything that's beneath this twisted surface is something that each and every viewer has to explore for themselves.
Is it a good movie? I have no idea.
Did I like it? I have no idea.
What's certain is that it definitely made some kind of impact on me, which is the only thing I can justify my rating with, aside from the beautiful and well-made production itself.

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