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Cell 2016

This movie was a hot mess. Listen, Cell is one of my favorite Stephen King books and books often don't translate well to film. I was prepared for that. But even for an adaptation, this one was especially disappointing. One of the scariest things about the "phoners" in the book was the hive mind -- and there was very little mention of that in the movie. That's an essential part of the story. Not to mention that while I love both John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, they both seemed bored with their roles and I can't say I blame them. The screenplay didn't flesh out their characters at all, leaving them dull and wooden. Any no-name actors could've played Clay and Tom, written the way they were. I'd been so excited years back when I heard Cell would be made into a movie. Then there was nothing for a good long while and I could've sworn I'd heard the project had been scrapped. Then all of a sudden I was seeing trailers for it and I was excited again. What a letdown it turned out to be.

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