I love the setting and the premise of this one. Jonas Jr. is exactly the kind of character who would make a museum to his father and try to manufacture the perfect opening or it. I appreciated seeing that for however pure and great the show has made J.J. so far, they're wringing comedy out of the fact that, like his father, he projects an image of perfection, but that involves being the iron fist in the velvet glove -- seeming nice and friendly, but really just keeping everyone in line with his plan.

That said, it was a pretty unfocused episode. That's not necessarily a bad thing for Venture Bros. which can do well with a more relaxed, hangout vibe. It was fun to see the old Team Venture gang of heroes and villains hanging out and renewing their rivalry through mundanities like autograph sales and stair climbing. (Billy Quizboy's star-struck reaction was a particularly nice touch.)

Not everything worked to perfection -- the Dr. Impossible business was kind of strained, and while the Captain's mutiny fed into the light exploration of the worst side of Jonas Jr., it didn't really go anywhere, but it was a very amiable episode overall.

The thing that bumps it up a notch is the ending, as seems to be the case for a lot of VB episodes. The moment where Dr. Venture realizes this is all going to end in mayhem and notes how obvious it seems when it's not happening to you was a brilliant and funny little moment. There's also something darkly funny about how daddy-issues Rusty misses the video of Jonas Sr. declaring that Rusty is his greatest accomplishment, and J.J.'s invitation for him to come on stage.

Not a laugh a minute episode or anything, but enough smiles and twists to make it an enjoyable throughout.

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