Shout by Andrew Bloom

Moral Orel: Season 2

2x11 Praying

Is it crazy to say that this show is coming into its own, about halfway through it's run. The whole praying-as-sport thing didn't really work for me, and I was ready to write this episode off. But the pivot to Orel finding meditation and Buddhism, and using it as a way to cut through all of the issues seeping out from underneath the surface of his psyche (with some good call backs to prior episodes) was pretty inspired. There's a lot of "baby's first Buddhism" going on here, but it still operated to show Orel getting some genuine peace for once, which was nice to see, and the visual design of Orel's meditation visions, while using fairly traditional iconography, was some of the best the show's done so far. Definitely a good one.

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