Shout by Nancy L Draper

Scott & Bailey

Season 3

I've just started re-watching the third season of this great series, and I'm so excited to be re-visiting the drama! If you like the following things in a series, you should make a point of watching this: 1) Gritty crime drama, 2) Buddy series - well drawn, diverse, brilliant but flawed characters, working as a brilliant duo, 3) surrounded by a fine ensemble cast of characters, 4) great storytelling, great performances, Great Britain (see what I did there), 5) accessible viewing - the first three (of five) seasons on Netflix.
Watch the whole series, but season three is the pinnacle. Solid 10 out of 10 episodes. This was the season of Nicola Walker - as her story-line weaves itself through the 4 of the 8 episodes. Must see TV at it's best!!!

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