Review by Andrew Phillips

Grizzly Man 2005

Despite what the Trakt film summary says, this is not a film that looks into "the spirit of a man who sacrificed himself for nature," and I'd bet good money that the director of this film, Werner Herzog, would lose his mind if he read that.

There is no noble sacrifice here, not by Treadwell, and not by his (mostly overlooked and yet equally dead) girlfriend Amie Huguenard.

Treadwell took no reasonable precautions, and it cost him his life. End of story. He packed no bear spray. He had no electric fence that legitimate bear researchers use to protect their camps. He repeatedly interacted with the bears rather than maintain a safe distance. And worst of all, he pitched camp right next to a known bear trail, in heavy cover.

The bears in the grizzly maze didn't need protecting, and they certainly didn't need a weird, self-entitled idiot traipsing around their territory shrieking at foxes and acting as if they were Disney characters.

This documentary is probably one of the best and weirdest films you will ever have the pleasure of watching (the creepy coroner scene alone is some weirdness that will haunt your dreams), but don't let anyone tell you that Timothy Treadwell's death was heroic.

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