I watched this after the Brexit vote, and from the context of someone who lives outside of the EU (but has previously done business with, and lived there). I am not commenting on whether staying or leaving the EU is the best option (I don't know the answer) and I can only comment on this as a "documentary"

I am amazed it is called a documentary. It's an hour of propaganda. It's full of stuff taken out of context, half-truths and hidden agenda (although, to be fair, I did like seeing pictures of the "butter mountain" - that looked like it had been filmed in the 1950s. In some places, it states something (we don't have many trade agreements) then something else (we don't need trade agreements) and then states the exact opposite (we need better trade agreements).

I wouldn't watch this for information (although I did learn that the reason the Swiss economy is so strong is because of it's Swiss watches). It's 70 minutes of a select view people (all experts, but I am not sure who most of these folks actually are) telling us why the EU is bad - with very few quantified data (which I guess is acceptable in infotainment). And it didn't really explore the issue that seems to be frustrating my friends in the UK (migration).

This is an astounding piece of film-making. To me, it has been a reminder of how much that we as citizens get manipulated via politicians and their PR. And this is a brilliant example of it in action. There is a little comment in the credits on who financed the film - a quick google of who those people / organisations reinforces the balance in this documentary (ie there is none).

And since so many of the key influencers of Brexit have now distanced themselves from the vote, I look forward to a sequel in a couple of years time when we can see a balanced view, and updated commentary of the same experts.

If you are in the UK, I suggest you don't watch it.
If you are outside the UK, you should definitely watch it, and wonder how much we are being manipulated by others. It's scary in a way horror movies aren't - because this is the world about us being manipulated (and not in a good way like Pokemon Go).

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