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Shout by Angélica Costa
2016-07-10T15:20:48+01:00— updated 2016-07-15T13:07:48+01:00

Great. Now I have to go read the books. I NEED to know what happens next.

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@angelcosta If you like the show you might be unhappy with the books. Certain characters come across very differently in the books. Bree and Roger feel very different on screen.

@redshirt But are they worth reading now that the show is on and is really good?

@angelcosta I think so, since we're nearly a year away from book 3 and 2 years from book 4. Book 3 (Voyager) was a lot of fun. I'm nearly done book 4 and there's a scene with Bree and a string of pearls that reads really well but probably won't be as good on-screen. Bree is better in the book, Roger is more likable on-screen. I much prefer the Jenny character on-screen than in book 3 but she redeems herself later.