Review by Carlos Teran
2016-07-11T00:32:22Z— updated 2016-07-12T19:13:27Z

An improvement over the theatrical version, the Ultimate Edition is a better cut with some narrative patches, but not yet a great movie. Some scenes from the original release are trimmed and others totally missed (some very important for character development, as the fist fighter that Wayne helps in his match), as expected, because there is a limit of assets that you can have on the disc. However, the problem persists: the narrative is still very much disjointed and chaotic, with those lame dream sequences trying to serve as plot points and all the main characters developing telepathy by the third act, so they "know" where to go and what to do without exchanging a single word or even a glance. I would gladly give up half the screen time devoted to the action sequences in order to add more dialogue and clarify tons of plot holes and get rid of so many character contradictions, not to mention why in heaven and hell Luthor decided to put all these events in motion. When it comes to franchises, every director must play with the toys at hand, be grateful of having the chance and return them into the box in one piece, so others can play after him. So, you don't kill characters just to have fun (Kimmy Olsen), or alter a half a century old geography setting to place two N.Y.-size cities one across the other because it pleases you, just to name a few. Snyder is a great visual artist, and really I do happen to enjoy his films in a visual sense, but I don't like his vision for the DC's Extended Universe, and I can only really hope someone takes it from his hands before we end up with Darkseid as the antagonist in less than two movies (the Mother Boxes and the "dream" are so obvious). Remember: it took Marvel almost a decade just to place the chess pieces on the board for one single game with Thanos. After Thanos... it will be hard to find an all-powerful adversary. Warner is making a disservice to DC trying to play catch up and introducing their villain so soon. Take 10 years and a dozen movies to develop settings for the Darkseid battle. Enjoy the game, and let us enjoy it too.

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