I've criticized the Naked and Afraid version of the show for often being Naked and Starving. Two things change that here for the XL version. First, starving your way through 40 days is not really an option. Second, it's Africa, and everybody is afraid, and I'm afraid for them. In the preview special, we learned that the cameramen needed armed guides, and they interviewed one who said this is crazy, and I get the impression that was a sincere, unstaged comment. Of course, that means the participants also have armed protection, but not at night, which is when they are most in danger.

In my comment for the Naked and Afraid episode with Tawny (S05E08, Florida), I said I hope she comes back for another episode, and here she is! Also back is Carrie (S03E03, Cambodia), the beautiful but socially acidic ex-marine. It's amusing that they actually dropped her score in her Naked and Afraid episode, even though she completed the 21 day challenge. And there is "Rat Kebab Boy" Darrin (S04E06, Thailand) and the colorful Steven Lee Hall Jr. (S05E01, Alabama) plus 8 others.

I'm ready for next week's episode!

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