7.5/10. More laughs from this one then there's been from the show in recent episodes. The "Ventronic" Voltron parody sequence in particular had me cracking up. I appreciated the various threads in this one. The idea that Number 21 and Number 24 are both the right mix of "incompetent and invulnerable" that makes them perfect for henching, and that they're aware of this fact and so genre-savvy that they can basically tease the highly-trained henchman sent with them about how he's doomed to be a redshirt leans a little hard on the fourth wall, but squeezed out enough laughs to make it very enjoyable.

On a similarly meta-note, I also enjoyed how much Jonas Jr. struggled to understand the art of the dance between "protagonists" and "antagonists" as he decries the existence of "fake fights" and goes through the bureaucratic hoops of both the Guild and OSI. Sending in Brock as his arch-villain extermination expert, and having Brock explain that this whole arrangement is 1. not easy and 2. necessary to keep these goons from going off on more dangerous stuff was good too.

The Monarch's feint with the "dark mission" to make J.J. & co. think the cocoon had blown up was an amusing fake out. One of the most venerable bits of comedy on this show is his bewildered annoyance when things don't go according to plan, and he responds to it with acerbic sarcasm. Overall, not a stand out episode exactly, but one with a good amount of structure and some great comedic premises.

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