7.0/10. Pretty good episode. It's a little underwhelming as a finish to this whole undercover bounty hunter storyline. The actual attempt of the Chancellor's life was a little underwhelming. I was kind of expecting a heist flick, and while it seemed like the episode gave us that to some degree, it was pretty muted and abbreviated. (As an aside, the holodisguises are kind of a gamebreaker for the Star Wars Universe which, like Obi Wan's disguise machine, are likely to never be mentioned again.) I tend to enjoy the multi-part episode, but one of the problems is that the pacing for the whole arc tends to be a little disjointed, like here where we got two acts worth of build to the kidnapping attempt, and then one sort of weird denoument that led into a final fight with Dooku.

That fight was pretty cool, and any time you throw Anakin, Obi Wan, and Dooku into a lightsaber fight, the results tend to be good. There was some interestinc choreography, particularly the moment where Anakin and Dooku were at a stalemate with their sabers through a chair. (And the fight with Cad Bane and Eval had its moments as well.)

The only thing that really dragged this one down is all the painfully on the nose moments about Anakin's mistrust and hints toward the events to come elsewhere. Anakin wondering in melodramatic terms what else Obi Wan has lied to him about feels contrived to lead us toward Vaderdom, and the Chancellor's wondering "what the universe would be like without Jedi" in mournful tones laid it on pretty thick as well. These end of episode moments where the show tries to spell out the point and go heavy on the foreshadowing tend to be the weakest thing about Clone Wars.

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