Shout by John Lambrou

Emergency!: Season 4

4x03 Gossip

A smaller than hoped for appearance by Yvonne Craig led me to this episode. She had fallen far from her days as Batgirl by this point.

This episode seemed disjointed. Terribly. Big storyline of John being a track star and the station wanting him to help in the Fireman Olympics was talked about a lot and then nothing ever came of it. Batgirl's role was as the elder wife of a bigamist man who is injured in the hospital. She meets the other wife there and they have zero animosity toward each other. They both sign the release form for their husband to be treated. Next...nothing comes of it. We don't even see them again.

More random calls for the station. A man shocked while working on his marquee during the night. They get an EKG readout on him with no monitoring device even hooked up.

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