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Ghostbusters 2016

SO SO GOOD! It was funny, scary and amazing! Who can hate on this film, it's much better then everyone thought it would be, maybe better than the originals! Not a perfect movie but it is a really strong 9.

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If the women were supposed to be funny then Paul Feig shouldn't have hired Chris Hemsworth to play a the Secretary. Since only he was laugh out loud funny.

couldn't agree more, Andrew.

Well, Chris wasn't that funny, he was actually annoying some times.

@pullsa Totally agreed, I love that movie! :)

@pullsa i can understand liking the movie, but... 9? 9 and 10 are for masterpieces and not fun movies :P this means this is one of the best movies u ever saw?
its a strong 6. i enjoy it.

@pedro true that , totally agree