Review by Bluehazard

Swades: We, the People 2004

not really into bollywood movie for some reasons but this is one movie more than worth watching, this is a story of a successful young man who journey back to the place his birthplace to find the motherly figure whom he missed since he was a kid but eventually after he found her and back to where he came from he realized that he's not only missed her again but now he miss the girl he loves, the family, the neighborhood, the society, the home and most of all the feeling of being at home
despite without the gimmick of "based on true story" the story of this movie happens across the world especially people who went on a journey and left home and their family and sometimes in their life they miss it. the plot is straightforward but greatly enhanced with cast's acting, Shah Rukh Khan has done a great job presenting the feel and emotion of young man who seeks the family and home and how his conscience greatly disturbed when he witness the condition of his poor countrymen the director clearly show the turbulence in the neighborhood and how people start weighing between traditional mindset and conscience for self-help, not only enjoyable but this movie is rich in moral story.

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