Review by Bluehazard

Grave of the Fireflies 1988

before trying to write a couple word for a review, I bother myself reading other people's review which is pretty amazing, considering some people said sobbing after the ending and the other said this movie is boring and looks a bit dull, this however a movie that if you try to look from different perspective will give you different sensation and interpretation also this movie is not intentionally trying to break people's heart after watching it but its rather intended to show how war looks like at microscopic viewpoint of two children who desperately trying to survive in the midst of chaos, separated from their parents whilst witnessing the true horror of war, pretty much war movie is about bloodshed, bullets flying, explosion, warcry, soldier and etc that closely related to war itself but "Grave of Fireflies" wanted to present the audience, the image of how the terror of war impact the very miniscule level of life despite who causes it what reason behind it, or who win who lose. boring or not, sad or not this movie is more than worth watching not just as entertainment but as a remainder that this kind of situation still happens now and we are still fortunate as the audience not as those "two kids"

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