I've probably got an unpopular opinion here and could get lynched easily for it, but here it goes:
I've got honestly no idea, why this particular episode gets praised so much.
There were definitely much better (and worse) ones and pretty similar ones, with basically the same behaviour of Subaru.

The whole anime long we get to see Subaru suffer. There's this strong emphasis on that all the time.
Perhaps to show us a certain justification for things to come, for why his mental state isn't anywhere close of being healthy.
That's totally fine, especially since I read some spoilers on purpose and know roughly what's to come but more often than not exactly that suffering drags the episode out unnecessarily and/or makes me feel bored...
It goes so far that suffering seems to be the actual plot of this anime at this point as it feels like there is no other plot actually moving forward and not because of the premise of "resetting" what would be understandable. It's like we're stuck with the world building part for the majority of these 15 episodes so far. Especially if you consider all character development that gets willingly thrown out the window - not by premise, mind you - just for other episodes to happen.

This episode had some good scenes in it, though. Betelgeuse was definitely crazy, yet somewhat annoying as well.
But that one scene with Rem was just to tease the audience, she shouldn't have been cabable of doing that at all even if I appreciate the (final) moment between her and Subaru. It felt like a desperate tearjerker moment to further drag out the suffering of Subaru.

I'm longing for episodes where the actual plot that this anime has here and there starts moving forward again.
The end of this episode suggests that for the next episode. Finger's crossed.

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