Review by FroztySeven

Aria the Scarlet Ammo 2011

This anime is the closest one i could find while searching for anime similar to Shakugan no Shana.
Aria do really remind me of Shana, espicially that they both have the same voice.
Afte watching all 12 episodes of the first season i have to say that i really enjoyed the show overal, and the characters are well animated.
I loved the relationship between the main characters Kinji and Aria and how they worked together to accomplish their goals.

I was happy to see there was another season after episode 12, but then i found out that season 2 was not a continuation of the story from season 1 but it was just a spinoff and that made me completely lose interest in the whole anime, so i dropped it just because i don't care about a spinoff.
I hope at some point to see a season 3 which continues from the first season because that would make me get back to watch this anime, but for now i can just say that i am very disappointed.

Season 1  Season 2
9.2 / 10   Dropped

Should i recommend the show?
Watch the first 12 episodes of the first season and watch the special episode 13, then drop season 2

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