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Outlander 2014

Let me save you some time before you begin watching this series.. it is entirely ruined at the start of the 2nd season. How you might ask? They tell you the ending. Yes, I've never seen that happen before in any other TV show or movie where they spoil the ending for you right at the start of a 2nd season. Would you fully read a book that gave away the entire plot after just the 1st chapter?

I felt that the writing was decent and the acting was superb but I can't continue on with the series in light of this oversight. I understand this was a book, but whoever thought audiences would appreciate the story delivered via TV in this manner got it wrong IMO. It's really unfortunate because I feel like I was baited in. I wish I could get my time back.

Save yourself the time and look elsewhere for entertainment.

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Well... The Second Outlander Novel began like that...
And it is still a good Novel full of suprices!
I recommend you watch the Rest of Season 2! ;)