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Ghostbusters 2016

These ladies are HILARIOUS! I really enjoyed watching this. I laughed out loud a whole bunch of times and really love the actors in these particular roles. I can already see several long-term quotable lines coming from it. Chris Hemsworth was also a riot.

While it's probably technically a remake, this movie has its own original plot and its own original characters. I'm glad for that. I loved the nods to the original without (always) hitting you over the head with it. Keep an eye out for some old friends.

Having said that, the movie does drag a bit around the 2/3 mark before kind of getting its mojo back for the finale. And make sure you stick around through the credits (which go by surprisingly quickly)!

There are going to be people who will hate this no matter what. But don't pre-judge this movie based on the trailer. Give it a chance and you may laugh as hard as I did.

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Is it a remake tho? That bit with the mayor explains how no one remembers previous Ghostbusters.

@herdivineshadow I suppose you could make an argument based on what you cited. But I think the fact that nearly all of the original actors appear in the movie (all if you include the bust of Egon at the beginning at the university), I don't think it holds up. Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson & Sigourney Weaver's characters would had to have mentioned something if that were true IMO.

However, the after-credits scene does open the door to a POSSIBLE connection to the original GB universe since Zuul & Gozer are trans-dimensional. But this story appears to take place in it's own dimension/universe, separate from the other--which I'm personally glad for. I'm happy this wasn't a sequel or continuation of the original story. Let these ladies start the whole thing over, I say!