Shout by Lee Brown Barrow

Ghostbusters 1984

I saw the 2016 reboot yesterday and decided it was time to return to the original. Many people have slated the new film - it cant' match the original - it can't work with women - blah blah blah - etc. Guess what, the 1984 movie is not perfect. Its very much of its time, the special effects are variable, it isn't as funny as you remember. Return to the film and you might agree - we remember the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the demon dogs, the library ghost - all with affection. But it is rose-tinted and not as good as remembered. For its time though, it is a good film, but it does not warrant the classic status that the 2016 Ghostbuster haters are making it out to be. There is room in the world for both movies and for the record... I kinda prefer the new film.

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