7.1/10. Definitely one of those episodes that leans into the wacky humor, but for the most part it's enjoyable even if the camp-factor is high. Mickey coaching Marshall through his own home shot in the style of a horror movie is a sturdy premise for a storyline, even if the gags were hit and miss. Barney and Marshall trying to cope with the absence of Marshall and Lily after they move out to Long Island by becoming the leader of the group and desperately calling Marshall respectively had its laughs, particularly Barney enlisting stripper Lily and her scary Russian boyfriend (replete with a pair of remixes on the show's title sequence).

But the best storyline was Robin and Kevin both trying to be agreeable about whatever was happening despite the fact that they didn't want to go to the strip club, or let Kevin get a lapdance, or the rest of the night's misadventures. Their little game of chicken was cute, and it's one of those nice well-observed details about relationships that makes you feel like the show still has its game face on. Not much thematic depth to this one (despite the heart of the gang showing up at Marshall and Lily's at the end of the night), but some good fun.

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