Shout by Aniela Krajewska

Suits: Season 6

6x01 To Trouble


Shout by Aniela Krajewska
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Great season premiere. It's good to have this show back.

Harvey, Jessica and Louis were the best part of this episode. The scenes where they were stoned were absolutely hilarious. I'm still laughing at Harvey asking Louis "Are you a king?". It was totally obvious from the beginning that Louis would have the most money of them all.

I really hoped that Mike's cellmate wouldn't turn out to be a dick. Well, no such luck. I guess we can expect Mike to get his ass seriously kicked soon.

The music was outstanding. I don't know how this show does it, but they nail the soundtrack every time.

As always, there was also some confusing legal mumbo-jumbo that I probably wouldn't understand even if it were in my native language. Oh, well. I got the gist of their plan, so that's what counts.

I'm looking forward to next week.

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“Are you a king?“ is probably my favorite line in the entire series. Hahaha it has 5 seasons of buildup!