Going all Boune Identity with Brock as he's drummed out of the OSI is a neat idea, but there just wasn't much to it at the end of the day. Some of the action was cool -- the chase with Herr Trigger in particular, but for the most part it just dulled into static after a while, without enough laughs to keep me interested. The over the top Brock strongman stuff has always worked better for me in small doses, so devoting an entire episode to it more or less didn't really work for me. Add in the fact that none of the assassins was particularly memorable (Shore Leave and Sky High felt like a warmed-over Ambiguously Gay Duo thing, though Tour's silver age comics fascination was a nice bit), and this episode fell flat to me for the most part.

Even the Monarch and his crew infiltrating the Venture Compound and finding a despondent Sargeant Hatred worrying about his marriage didn't do much for me in terms of the shows usual blend of the theatrically ridiculous and the dark. The one gag that really worked for me was Brock pummeling tour while an oblivious Rusty complains about the noise in the bath. (With an honorable mention to Hank complaining about Brock trying to pull "the Lassie routine" on him and Dean). But overall this was kind of a letdown as a lead in to the season finale.

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@andrewbloom I see your point(s), but I thought this episode was absolutely hilarious and one of my favourites so far. The 2nd part could've been better though.

@sikanderx6 Yeah, from what I can tell, I'm pretty alone and most people love this finale. More power to 'em/you!