Shout by Granola

The Heirs 2013

I'm a little torn on what to think of this drama. On one hand, it overuse clichés (rich & poor lovers, back-hugs, evil mother-in-law...) and has a really bad plot and on the other hand, it's still a little bit fun (if not taken seriously) and all the actors and actresses seems at ease with each other.
It's really frustrating sometimes : the heroine is always silenced by everyone, she doesn't even seems interested by the main character, they both have nothing in common, the main character is not really bright and act egoistically, he always smashes lips ("kiss") with Eun Sung without asking her or putting a mood and the attempts at putting more depth in the plot fails tragically.
However, some of the supporting characters are really funny (Lee Bona and her boyfriend for ex) and the length is enough that I wasn't completely bored.

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