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Stranger Things 2016

If Stephen King and Steven Spielberg had a baby, this is EXACTLY what it would look it.

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I agree! It was definitely a throw back to the eighties genre of films like Goonies, E.T., and Stand By Me. I really enjoyed this! I guess it's just a one season show though? I hope not! Netflix has really changed the game of TV with the 1 season , 6-10 episode show. Now the network's are doing the same thing!

@BryanDonnini Netflix already renewed the show for a second season before the first even aired.

@hwlr that's great news! I'm only 2 episodes in, but loving it so far and excited it will continue beyond season 1.

I was gonna say it was like if Stephen King wrote the Goonies. You analogy works better though!

Best comment ever. I could not say better :)

You kinda sold me on this. Gonna start watching today.

@krystalgoderitch this was the comment that convinced me to watch it and i have no regrets

@krystalgoderitch Great show! Comment right on point. One of the best new shows!

@krystalgoderitch that's exactly what I think

Pepper in some Cronenberg, John Carpenter, and a bit of Aliens and you have Stranger Things.

@krystalgoderitch They should definitely have more babies!