Strange is the new Orange
Do you like one or more of the following movies: E.T., Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, The Shining, The Goonies.
If yes, Stranger Things will take you on a nostalgia filled joyride, that will bring you back to your childhood before the TV or in the cinema like never before (even if you wasn't a kid in the 80s). If not, you will watch one of the best Netflix-Shows ever.
Stranger Things is extremely atmospheric with an eye for detail like i never saw before. The show-runner Matt and Ross Duffer breath 80s nostalgia but don't make the mistake to use it as an end to itself. The pilot shows us engaging characters, from the four friends to the nervous wreck of a mother, played by Wynona Ryder, all inspired by the 80s but revitalised by 2016-Peak-TV-writing.
I really tried to find some negative aspects in this first episode, but the only thing i could say is, that it sometimes goes over the top with it's 80s clichés. For example the storyline with the sister and her boyfriend serves no real purpose in connection to the rest of the plot. Merely a trope. And maybe it cuts too fast from children-mystery to Drama, then to Romance and back again. But that is overshadowed by the general love that was put into making this series.
Let's see how it holds up in the next seven episodes. I am excited!

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