The very end is a little disappointing. Nancy didn't wind up with who wanted her with. While the kids got over 11's sacrifice a little too quickly.
The show is like a book I couldn't put down. But I think the end could have been better. Hopefully there's a season 2 to give answers about what we were left with.
11 some how communicating with Mike is what I expected but
instead we got left with it being teased that I guess Will has monster slugs in him. Which could have even taken over his body.
That was haunting and creepy. So hopefully we do get some answers and maybe even 11 brought back some how. Either way if Mike wasn't going to wind up with 11.
Nancy not with Jonathan in the end was pretty annoying. "Oh cool, she got me another camera, I will just be alone taking pictures of stuff."

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Did you not notice the eggos that were put in the box? 11 is still around. Which makes me excited for a 2nd season.

It might not have been obvious, but Nancy did kind of make overtures to Jonathan, but he wasn't picking up what she was putting down. In the alley, notice what was said when Jonathan snapped on Steve...

Yeah Cimmie. I had to watch again to see that eggos were left.

Well when he could have went after Nancy at the hospital to say how he felt. He chose to just stay with his just returned brother which makes sense.
So all Jonathan really cared about in the end was his brother and taking photos again. Which yeah was a little frustrating.

So Will had an alien-tube in his body, was in another dimension. And the doctors didn't find anything, haven't they done a medical examination? Please don't say 'but in "Alien" it was the same'.
Also Will hasn't seen what he spited from his mouth, really? Brain-Eater?
Also these many forced cliffhangers destroyed the final, should have remained a MINI-series. The reason why it got lost a bit in the end.