Review by moonkodi

River's Edge 1986

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Review by moonkodi
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I read this film was loosely based on a true case. This could have been a better psychological journey for the characters but they were too bleak and lifeless, which is apparently the point. The Tim character bothered me because it was too unbelievable for a child to be so immoral and desensitised to the world around him and also make the decisions he did in the movie. Matt is played by Keanu and is Tim's brother. They come from a broken home. Keanu did OK in his role. Crispin Glover's character is basically a dreamer who is needy as hell with friends. Crispin's acting is.......? He sucks any drama from a scene but is was never gonnna be that type of movie anyway. As it's a movie about bizarre people I'm glad Crispin was there to provide one. There is also Samson 'John' aka toilet (killed her cuz she talked shit) . The character started off OK and the acting was good. He could have developed somewhat but he became a cliché. Feck was a there to be the oddball interplay between characters and it was fun to watch for obvious reasons. There is a scene near the end with a teacher that attempts to make a social commentary but it seemed pointless as we already know how dead these kids are on the inside by now and nobody by this point takes the movie serious.
It was bizarrely enjoyable, entertaining and had a 80s teen doom feel. I think people should watch it.

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