That speech on religion felt generic. Like some teenager read Marx and now thinks he is the great religion critic, but i don't think it was a real message they wanted to deliver, but instead show how mad Elliott has gone after the Advil and sleep deprivation.
What i really, really love in this episode, and also in the episodes before is how they show how the hack affects the people. Ray talks to his wife about an allowance, we see people searching the trash and an opera singer singing in the subway. Specially the opera singer i liked, because the actor is a real life singer at the metropolitan opera in NYC, so there is a whole story how nobody goes to the opera anymore, so they had to lay him off etc. (or, that is what i imagined.)
Angelas plotline is awesome because she has absolutely no empathy left, and you can see her transformation to a corporate overlord. I enjoyed seeing more of Dominique DiPierro, how she is as a person and overall i think this episode sets a lot of thinks nicely up. I want to see more

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