It feels like the season misses a general narrative. The single story lines are nice, but the feel disconnected not only from each other, but also from episode to episode. I don't see yet how they will bind those vignettes together

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@vanilla-chief I think the whole point this season is fsociety surviving the hack.

@reindertot maybe you are right. I think (or hope) that they will tie it together in the back half of the season, but for me the show has the Game of Thrones Problem. They opened up to many story lines and now they are struggling to give all of them the time they need. Just Elliots and Angelas, or Elliot's and Dominique DiPierro's storyline would be enough for one season. But i am also holding the show to it's own standards. It is not bad in a general way, but i felt a bit overwhelmed.