Shout by As Doost

Sense8 2015

Boring, dull, nonsense show. I'm not a person who give up on a show and so in worst scenario I try to finish the season so after the first f***ing season I gave up. Netflix attracts people with sexual scenes. I wonder How boring a show could be! Worst ever! This is not a show, this is felony.

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@asdoost felony???? I get that everyone have their own taste and it's normal not everyone likes the same things. But I don't know, you have to admit the plot it's pretty complex, even if you don't like it.

Also, what? "Netflix attracts people with sexual scenes"??? Idk man, you say it like it's the main plot point and the only and ever show/movie with a sex scene on it. When I think about Sense8 I don't think "Sex!", I think "Wow, how a person can have 7 other people linked with their mind? How that even work?"

And again, "felony"???????