Review by Andrew Bloom

Animaniacs: Season 1

1x04 Yakko's World

I'm reviewing all of Episode 2 here, which includes this, the Einstein segment, and the Pinky and The Brain Gyp-Parody segment. Yakko's World is already a classic, and while the educational impact of it it is probably minimal when it comes to improving geography (I can sing a good bit of this song but still probably couldn't find most of the countries on a map), it's still fun and creative. The Einstein segment isn't as entertaining as the Warners' first outing tormenting Scratch-N-Sniff, but the idea that they're trying to sell the prototypical genius girlscout cookies and inadvertently use the classic ACME brand to inspire his famous discovery is well-done.

The gameshow plot isn't PInky and the Brain's finest hour, but it's a fine introduction to the characters' dynamic, and I like the touch that Brain is frustrated by Pinky's affection for The Honeymooners, and yet its his lack of knowledge of the show that dooms his otherwise perfect plan. It's the kind of irony the show does will in stories about these characters, and it's a fun way to see Brain thwarted. Throw in one of my favorite "Wheel of Morality" lessons ("If at first you don't succeed, blame it on your parents") and you have the makings of another quality installment of the show.

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